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NFL News: Seahawks DE Michael Bennett calls out Eagles QB Sam Bradford

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you have been following the story with Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford, you would know that is a guy who was selected with the number one overall in the 2010 NFL Draft by the St. Louis Rams and was given a 50 million dollar contract before the rookie wage scale changed. You would also know that Bradford has never ever lived up to his number one overall pick status and he has never been close to becoming a franchise quarterback.

An overpaid quarterback? Yes, that is what Bradford is. A below-average quarterback? Yes, that is what Bradford is. Yet, the Eagles traded for Bradford in an exchange with the Rams during the 2015 offseason and both teams ended up trading up into the top two picks of the 2016 NFL Draft to get a quarterback. That's right, Bradford's injury issues and his performance drove both teams to trade up high in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

Yet, Bradford was still given a two-year contract with the Eagles this offseason where he will be paid 18 million dollars a year even though he has never led his team to a winning season in his career or a playoff appearance. Despite all of this, Bradford was upset that the Eagles were looking into drafting a quarterback in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft and he demanded a trade after the Eagles selected quarterback Carson Wentz.

Now, Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett said pretty much what everyone has been wanting to say about Bradford and his attitude during this whole situation as Bennett discussed via 710 ESPN Seattle's "Brock and Salk.

"I listened to Sam Bradford again. I just almost threw up," Bennett noted. "I can't believe Sam Bradford is complaining about making $40 million in the next two years, and because he actually has to compete for a position. This guy, this guy right here definitely sets a bad tone of what a player should be.

"If I was his teammate ... how can you play with a guy that doesn't want to compete at a high level and feels like his position should be solidified without even putting up the stats or the wins to back that up?"

Not only that but Bradford just put himself in a bad spot for the rest of the league to see. Who wants a whiny player who is mediocre at best and hasn't shown that he can lead a team to anywhere good? Bradford should be thanking the Eagles and his agent Tom Condon for allowing him to make 18 million dollars in the next two years because there is a good chance he won't see that kind of money ever again after this contract.