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Baltimore Ravens rookie defensive lineman Bronson Kaufusi: Age shouldn't be a concern

He's not wrong

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

At 24 years old, Bronson Kaufusi is one of the older rookies in the nation, but regardless the man believes it does not matter. The reason for such a higher age than most rookies, Bronson went and served his LDS Church on a two year mission in Auckland, New Zealand.

In High School and during recruitment Bronson was a tight end but ended up transitioning to defensive end after the missions trip. Not really a difficult move as his father Steve Kaufusi played for the Philadelphia Eagles on the D-line. Bronson proved it wasn't a difficult transition this final season, racking in 11 sacks and 20 tackles for loss.

"To me, it doesn't matter how old you are," Bronson told the Salt Lake Tribune. "This is serious stuff. The best players are going to play. It is not a big concern for me."

Two very true statements here. It is serious stuff. The Ravens are known for caring about the defensive line position, and if you're 24 years old being drafted by the Ravens, Baltimore expects production.

The other statement, the best players are going to play. Harbaugh isn't going to let Lawrence Guy or Carl Davis show up in rotation if they aren't the best. Bronson will be put in the starting line-up if he's good enough. It's all about performing, and if Bronson can show out better than the current roster, then obviously he'll be the starting player.