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Filed under: Lists the Top 5 Baltimore Ravens of All-Time

Elliot Harrison delineates who the best 5 Ravens, ever, are. Do you agree?

A small hint of #1 stands at the M & T.
A small hint of #1 stands at the M & T.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Elliot Harrison, reporter for NFL Network, has posted a video of his Top 5 Ravens of all time.

The only thing about the list that might surprise you is the tie at number three between Justin Tucker and Elvis Grbac.

I kid!! I kid.

Check out the video; if you want just a synopsis, jump below.

Number 5 on his list is LB Terrell Suggs.  Harrison said that Suggs edged out G Marshal Yanda, currently known as the best guard in the NFL; and DE Michael McCrary, who wreaked havoc on the 2000 Championship team, along with Hall of Famer Rod Woodson.  Suggs has played more games as a Raven than Yanda, Harrison says, to put him over the hurdle.

Number 4 is Joe Flacco. His Super Bowl run of 11 TDs to 0 INTs in the 2012 playoffs ( along with his general clutch performances and penchant to win at Pittsburgh) mandates his presence on this list, Harrison mentions.

Number 3, LT Jonathan Ogden, simply reeked of excellence. Harrison pointed to his 11 Pro Bowls in 12 years as proof positive. That he went into the Hall of Fame on his first ballot was also a shoo-in fact.

Number 2, Ed Reed, might be the 2nd greatest safety to ever play the game, Harrison said. He quoted Bill Belichick's now-infamous tout of Reed as THE best Safety ever. What cut him short was not finishing his career as a Raven or in a stellar way.

Number 1 is no surprise: Ray Lewis, LB, the Heart and soul of the franchise and arguably of the city. Harrison said he edges reed by the smallest of margins because of the entire career played in Baltimore as well as the Pro Bowl appearances from front to back, career-wise.

What are your Top 5 Ravens? Let us know in the comments below.