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Kenneth Dixon the top NFL rookie outside round one to make serious impact

A true touchdown scoring player

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

This season the Ravens have a lot to be excited for. 'The Return' of Breshad Perriman, or more-so the initial arrival of Perriman as he never experienced two practices. High powered offensive capabilities with Steve Smith Sr. coming back and multiple free agents in line to become offensive threats. But one garnering more attention now being Kenneth Dixon, the rookie runningback out of Louisiana Tech.

Kenneth Dixon's college career is something to be excited about. In 2012 he scored 27 touchdowns. In 2014 the stud scored 22 more. Following up with 19 his final season. The Ravens want touchdown scoring players, and Dixon schedules weekend trips to the endzone.

Kenneth Dixon's final statline from college:

4,483 rushing yards
5.6 YPC
72 Touchdowns
969 Receiving yards
15 Receiving touchdowns

The man knows how to find the endzone. I've heard comparisons to even the touchdown machine Ladanian Thomlinson. Clearly it's early for the comparison, but nonetheless he's scored in total 522 points.

This has forced some to believe this could be another Matt Forte back. Crazy reception totals, and a true threat back from anywhere on the field. Kenneth Dixon could be another AFC North tailback to praise.