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Baltimore Ravens being investigated by NFL for allegedly violating CBA rules in practice?

The Baltimore Ravens might have some explaining to do if the organization did violate a rule within the collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Or maybe not.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens organization might have a "pad gate" on its hands as the NFL is looking into an investigation on whether or not the Ravens used full pads during rookie minicamp earlier this month according to's Jamison Hensley.

Here is the scoop according to Hensley:

A Ravens official said the team is unaware of any investigation but explained there was a five-minute period on May 6 when rookies and first-year players suited up in pads during a non-contact punt protection drill. The team believed rookie minicamp didn't fall under the same rules as the organized team activities and immediately pulled players off the field once it received clarification from players' union representative Benjamin Watson, according to a Ravens official.

If the Ravens did indeed violate NFL rules, it is organization's fault for not being on top of the rules during offseason workouts. There really isn't any other way to defend it and it remains to be seen if the Ravens would suffer any serious consequences by the league. However, recent history has shown that teams just lose days during OTA's (Organized Team Activities) for violating a rule like this or similar to this.

Or, the Ravens have nothing to worry about and the team can perform practice as usual. It really isn't that complicated.The Ravens, according to Hensley, also noted that the team has taped every practice so it should be easy to see if the Ravens violated any rules. The investigation shouldn't last too long.