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Baltimore Ravens won't be partaking in a joint training camp this offseason

Baltimore has collaborated with other teams in the past, but that won't be happening this season.

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

In the past, the Ravens have partnered with other NFL teams in their offseason training programs. This isn't uncommon around the league, as many teams play host to a visitor or pack their bags for another city in the closing weeks of the offseason. Providing that skirmishes don't break out, these get-togethers are regarded as beneficial to both sides.

For the past two seasons, the Ravens had made a road trip to practice with another team. Last year it was the Eagles, and the year before that the Ravens trekked out to visit Jim Harbaugh's 49ers in California. This season will be different, as the Ravens are staying put in Baltimore.

Addressing the media this Saturday, Head Coach John Harbaugh said that the team won't be going to any joint practices this offseason.

While the previous two joint practices encouraged competition and ended with both teams on friendly terms, it's probably best that the Ravens keep it simple this offseason and allocate all of the resources and time to improving their young team.