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Happy Birthday Ray Lewis!

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

We have some fiery guys with leadership capabilities who share a birthday week with a connection to the Baltimore Ravens organization. Earlier this week, it was Steve Smith Sr., (Happy belated birthday!) and today is the birthday of the of the greatest player Ravens history.

Happy Birthday, Ray Lewis! The greatest middle linebacker/inside linebacker in NFL history.

Ray Lewis is the guy who set the standard for the Baltimore Ravens defense for 17 years. Ray Lewis is the only player in NFL history with the following combination of statistics during the regular season:

  • 2000 + tackles
  • 40+ sacks
  • 30+ interceptions
  • 19 forced fumbles
  • 20 fumble recoveries
He also had three touchdowns of his own in his 17-year career.

Ray Lewis achieved the following statistics in 21 playoff games:

  • 211 tackles
  • Two sacks
  • Six forced fumbles
  • One fumble recovery
  • Two interceptions
  • 14 passes defended
  • One touchdown
  • During his last season in 2012, he set the NFL playoff record with 51 tackles
Not to mention Ray Lewis is also:
  • 13-time Pro Bowler
  • Seven-time NFL first-team All-Pro selection
  • Two-time defensive player of the year winner
  • Super Bowl MVP
  • Two-time Super Bowl champion (2000, 2012)
Ray Lewis led the 2000 Ravens defense to its first Super Bowl as one of the greatest defenses ever created. The 2000 Ravens defense is the only unit in the history of the NFL to allow under 200 points (174 points to be exact) in 20 games from week 1 through the Super Bowl.

In 2000, Ray Lewis also helped lead a defense that set the NFL record for the fewest rushing yards allowed in a season with 970, tied an NFL record for the most shutouts in a 16 game season with four and the unit only allowed 16 points in four playoff games including allowing zero in Super Bowl 35 against the New York Giants.

In 2012, Ray Lewis led his defense to a Super Bowl victory with a goal-line stand to finish off the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 47. He retired a champion.

In retirement:

During his retirement, Ray Lewis is involved in helping the community locally in Maryland. Ray Lewis is the Vice President of Power 52 which is a Maryland-based nonprofit organization which helps reduce the cost of energy for families who struggle financially. Not to mention he is also a motivational speaker around the country.

Happy Birthday, Ray from Baltimore Beatdown and all of Ravens nation!