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Baltimore Ravens using artificial lighting for new grass field

The team is just the second in the league to use this technology.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

For the first time since 2002, the Ravens will have an old-school natural grass surface to play on at their home stadium. It's been thirteen seasons coming now, but thanks to a new innovation, grass will grow at the Bank.

The main hurdle standing in the way of a natural playing surface was sunlight. In December, the playing surface at M&T Bank Stadium receives approximately 2-3 hours of sun a day. This isn't good at all for the longevity of grass.

To overcome this, the Ravens are employing the use of artificial lighting to keep the new grass alive. Previously used by the Green Bay Packers, the Ravens are now the second team in the league to try this practice.

The grass has already been put in place last week, and it's looking great.

Baltimore is now the eighteenth NFL team to have a grass playing surface at their home stadium. While having a grass surface doesn't necessarily cut down on injuries, it's more authentic. "Real football should be played on real grass," said Ravens' head groundskeeper Don Follett.