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NFL offering classic NFL games on YouTube

The NFL is continuing their business partnership with the massive video service.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Last year, the NFL announced that it was entering into an experimental partnership with YouTube  and that the league would assess the success of that after the season and decide on whether it should renew. A year has come and gone and the NFL was fairly successful. The NFL had 900 million views and, as of writing this, a little over a million subscribers. Those numbers might not be anywhere close to the Pewds' subscription numbers, but the NFL's YouTube channel still has more subscribers than the NHL and MLB (the NBA has a sizeable lead on the NFL in the subscriber count, with almost seven million subscribers).

It's no surprise that with this kind of success, the NFL is choosing to renew their subscription with the online video service and even with a little bonus. Currently, the only videos on the NFL's YouTube channel are the same highlights and countdowns that you can find on But the NFL has announced that they will be putting three classic games from every team's history on YouTube.

Now there's definitely more than 96 games that could be considered memorable or classic, so the NFL will still be leaving out some classics ( you can still find those on YouTube channels, but they won't have the approval of the league). The Ravens, in their short existence, have produced plenty of games that could be considered classic. Both Super Bowl wins, the 2000 AFC Divisional Game, the 2012 AFC Divisional Game, and plenty more. Leave your top three games in Ravens history down in the comments below.