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Jeraud Powers Signing adds depth to Baltimore Ravens secondary

Powers brings depth and adds competition at two spots in the secondary

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After the draft, Baltimore Ravens fans found themselves worrying about the lack of options at outside cornerback. Though Tavon Young was a solid addition, the fact remained the Temple corner is a rookie which only entails future struggles.

The reason for the time elapsing between the end of the first wave of free agency and the signing most likely has to do with compensatory picks.Yesterday was the first day NFL teams could sign free agents w/o it hurting comp picks.

Coming from the Arizona Cardinals scheme, Powers is well versed in the ways of man coverage, something that If added a dimension to the Ravens defense could potentially hoist them over the top.

The Ravens front office has in one way or another dressed every issue on the defensive side of the ball. The fate of the team is out of their hands and into the men who will battle on the green grass between the lengthy white stripes.