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Check out a sneak peek of M&T Bank Stadium's new grass surface

The team is rolling out a brand new playing surface at the Bank.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

In addition to he hubbub of the draft, free agency, and other personnel moves, the Ravens have also made another exciting offseason change. Come the beginning of the season, the Ravens' home field will have a brand new type of playing surface for the first time since 2002, making the switch from artificial turf to natural Bermuda grass.

The Ravens begun the transformation mere days after the regular season concluded, ripping up the turf and prepping for the new grass. It's been a while coming now, but the new surface is finally in place at the Bank. The Ravens' own Ryan Mink gives us the sneak peek.

I for one am a fan of the change. Not only does natural grass reduce the occurrence of injuries like turf toe, but it also just looks better. The difference is tangible, as you can see by comparing the sidelines to the playing field.

In addition to making the Bank somehow even more picturesque, the Ravens also have an added home field advantage now. If you'll notice, there is a small indentation on the Ravens' sideline. It's believed that this is so Ravens' kickers can practice on the same surface as the playing field. Meanwhile on the other side of the field, opposing kickers are forced to prep on turf. It might not seem like a huge advantage, but the little things can make all of the difference in football.