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Where Marc Trestman must improve in 2016

The offense was better then the defense this past year, but improvements can still be made.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens offense was decimated by injuries this past season. With that fact being said, one should not turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of the offense and give first-year offensive coordinator Marc Trestman a free pass.

Too often the Ravens offense found themselves throwing short of the first down marker, not sticking with the run and removing Kyle Juszczyk from the backfield to execute those running plays.

Juszczyk needs to be a feature of the offense. Justin Forsett is a better runner when he can use his acceleration and his vision after having past the line of scrimmage. Juszczyk facilitates that process since he consistently clears first level penetrators to spring Forsett to the second level.

The addition of speed to the offense should allow Trestman to throw the ball past the marker. Speed will not only become a clear strong point of the offense but it should allow for better catch-and-run opportunities if he decides (as we all know he will) to not listen to what a lowly blog writer has to say and décidés to keep throwing the ball short of the marker.

What the Ravens need is more consistency. Gary Kubiak had a way of setting up 4th quarter plays with first quarter plays because he was patient and trusted his game plan. This leader to the Ravens excelling in close games in running the ball in fourth quarters. At times, Trestman was erratic in his play calling. Better weapons and a more acute sensé of the personnel at hand should help him find the strongest points of the offense.