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ICYMI: Super Bowl LII Date Set for Minneapolis

The NFL Confirms that Early February is Again, the Time for Champions.

The Minnesota Super Bowl Bowl Committee has reported that the NFL has set the date for the 2018 contest for February 4th.

The site was awarded to Minneapolis in 2014. Their new stadium, U.S. Bank Stadium, is slated to be ready for the Vikings' 2016 season. The stadium is a dome whose roof is only halfway opaque, so that the sun can shine through and help illuminate the field. Literally half the roof is window-like, the other half will block the sun. It has a distinctive, futuristic shape and presence.

This date comes as no surprise, as the last time that a Super Bowl was not in February was in 2003. Before that, there was only one Super Bowl in February in all of NFL History, 2002. This was due to the week of national mourining after the September 11th attacks that season (2001). The NFL must have found the push back to its' liking, and after one dip back into January, has made February the standard.

At that point, will the Ravens be looking to defend a title? Or to simply add to the ones won? Time will tell.