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Naval Academy Grad Keenan Reynolds given permission to play for Baltimore in 2016

The Secretary of the Navy is at it again, spreading hope and happiness for fans of the Ravens draftee.

SECNAV has given Reynolds, and Baltimore, the ball.
SECNAV has given Reynolds, and Baltimore, the ball.

If Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Ray Mabus wasn't a Baltimore Raven fan before, he is now.

He told Dan Patrick's podcast that he has given Raven draftee and Annapolis graduate Keenan Reynolds permission to play, full time, in the NFL, effective immediately.

Reynolds has been practicing in Rookie Camp this week, in anticipation of his request being answered by the Navy.

He reportedly will be serving his post-graduate commitment in the Navy Reserves. Every graduate of the Naval Academy, and other Navy scholarship students around the country, have a multi-year commitment upon completing undergraduate studies. As SECNAV Mabus previous mentioned to Patrick, there are many situations where the Navy is agreeable towards an exception or creative execution of this service, in ways that benefit the Navy.

Here is the direct clip from The Dan Patrick Show of where the news is mentioned:

There are more reports now saying that the U.S. Secretary of Defense must approve this allowance in order for it to be fully enacted. It seems highly unlikely that anything will change.

Reynolds leads the NCAA, all-time,  with 88 Career Touchdowns. While he played quarterback in an option offense in college, the 6th round draft pick  is transitioning to Wide Receiver for Baltimore.

In the meanwhile, for Reynolds, it's Anchors Aweigh. He is a Raven for sure.