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Second round pick Kamalei Correa to make an impact for the Baltimore Ravens in 2016 season

No doubt about it

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

After the arguments for Myles Jack and Noah Spence between fans, the Ravens front office made the executive decision to select two other players AND take Kamalei Correa instead. Ozzie done did it again. But who is Kamalei Correa? What does he offer the Ravens franchise? After reading and watching more on the young man, he offers a whole hell of a lot.

"This kid has fun tape, folks. His best fit is in a 3-4 base defense, so he will fit what Baltimore does. He's relentless and sets a violent edge. His motor and quickness will separate him in the NFL." -- Mike Mayock

Thank you Mayock for exciting every Charm City fan in one quote.

It's absolutely talked about when Kamalei Correa's name pops up. His motor. His quickness. Both of them are what the Ravens need. Powerful linebackers with grit and a tenacity for contact. We all know Suggs is a vicious individual who attacks and attacks without slowing. No plays off. Kamalei Correa looks to become the same style of player. An attack dog seeking to destroy any footballers in his wake.

Speed Kills

We have all heard the phrase, and nothing is more true in football. Chris Johnson proves it every year that it takes only one step faster to change a play to a highlight. The same on the defensive side of the ball.  A player that can engage with a blocker a split second before the lane is open ruins a run game. A pressure on the QB before he's set can cause an innacurate pass. Kamalei brings the heat. During the combine Correa clocked the 3rd fastest 40 yd. dash, 4.69 seconds. Kamalei outran Shaq Lawson, Noah Spence, and 3rd overall pick Joey Bosa.

Immediate Impact

This season the Ravens lost rotational linebacker Courtney Upshaw, and I expect to see Correa slotted in where Upshaw left. This allows Kamalei the best chance of success. Rotating in on first and second downs with his great edge-setting can slow or stop an run game. This also allows him to attack quarterbacks that throw the ball on those downs.

Correa may be used in a multi-tool role. With his speed and great coaching you could see Correa dropping back into coverage on shallow, flat, or crossing routes. This is something Courtney could never achieve. Also subbing out with Elvis Dumervil on third downs keeps the young gun fresh, and Doom continually achieving pass rush opportunities, and successful takedowns.

Correa can become the best player in this draft for the Ravens. With his ceiling being high, his speed no doubt impressive, and his strength obviously a plus, Kamalei Correa can outshine any Raven rookie this season.