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Baltimore Ravens Left Tackle starts Facebook page & website to support marijuana in the NFL

Trail-blazing for a cause

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

To those that have never read Eugene Monroe's twitter, he is an avid supporter of medicinal marijuana. Not because it's 'recreational', but for the health benefits as opposed to opioids. He has now kicked off his website to support the cause, and also a facebook group.

The first post on said facebook group contains a stat showing, "71% of NFL players who reported taking opioids admitted to misusing them."

Painkillers has been a very 'hush-hush' topic in the NFL. People know about it, players know about it, but it is not discussed. This seems to be quieter than the CTE discussions. The film "Concussion" helped bring that to light. Unfortunately nobody is going to watch a painkiller documentary.

Eugene Monroe is supporting a cause for a reason, and people should take it as such.

Posts from Monroe's twitter:

Link: Eugene's Facebook group