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Terrance West sues hotel where he was burglarized twice in one day

Thanks to a sketchy front desk worker, West lost his personal belongings not once, but twice.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens' running back Terrance West is filing a lawsuit against a Florida-based hotel company, claiming that due to negligence and a corrupt staff member, his hotel room was robbed twice in one day.

The story goes like so. Per West, he was staying at the Metropole South Beach hotel on Feb. 27. Accompanied by a friend, West met two women in the lobby of the hotel. After exchanging pleasantries and eventually parting ways, the two women apparently asked an employee if they could access West's suite. Allegedly, the employee made a copy of West's room key and gave it to the women. With a bellman as an escort, the two went to West's suite and took two Rolex watches. Shortly after, West filed a report with the Miami Police upon discovering that his watches were nowhere to be found.

But wait, things get weirder. A hour later, West says he heard a knock on the door. Naturally, assuming the police were there to follow up on the report, West opened up his door. Instead of the police however, he was greeted by yet another robber.

Here is an excerpt of West's account from the filed suit.

Mr. West opened the door and an unidentified man forced his way into the room and threatened Mr. West’s life and that of his friend.

Mr. West was under the belief that this man was armed with a firearm, because he saw a bulge on the assailant’s hip, under his shirt.

Furthermore, the man demanded all of the cash on Mr. West and his friend ($5000.00 USD in total), Christian Louboutin shoes, and other items stored in the suite.

The man threatened Mr. West by telling him, "If you don’t give me what I want, I have people in the car that will burn this whole place down."

Fearing for his safety, Mr. West complied with the demands of the assailant.

Despite being pretty badly screwed over by the hotel, (if this is all true, of course) West still played it cool and attempted to settle with the hotel's manager without any legal action. West was ignored, and here we are now, with the Ravens' back seeking $53,129 in damages.