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2016 Ravens Preseason Schedule Announced

The Ravens can take aim at their sparring partners for 2016, including a Super Bowl participant and a team of former teammates.

Something new, something Blue, and a familiar last location.
Something new, something Blue, and a familiar last location.

Don't you love the incremental approach of the NFL season?!

The NFL just released the Preseason Schedules for the Fall 2016 season. Baltimore has an interesting first game:

Here's a closer look at that schedule:


The date for the Indianapolis game is not yet determined, most likely for stadium scheduling reasons. The date for the home game vs. Detroit is tentative, most likely to allow for television flexibility, if not some other scheduling issue.

For the Carolina game, Steve Smith Sr. might be ready to enter that game for the one-or-less drive that starters get in a game that early in the season. Yet, he could still get someone to "Ice up."

The Detroit game will symbolize the 'homecoming' for former Ravens, Coach Jim Caldwell, and Haloti Ngata, and possibly James Ihedigbo, who may or may not still be on the roster at that point.

Other games of note include the Hall of Fame Game on August 7th, pitting Green Bay against Indianapolis; The Los Angeles Rams' first game back in California of this millenium brings the Cowboys to town on August 13th--a nationally televised game on ESPN; and the New England Patriots go to a place where they are despised, ever since Super Bowl XXXIX--Carolina in week three. Perhaps the Panthers will take things personally and rough the Patriots up as much as possible.

The Ravens are not featured on a nationally televised game for the first time in a number of years, as of this date. Every game will be broadcast at a later time on the NFL Network, so set your DVR.

Another thought is, perhaps we are nearing the end of 4 game preseasons. The NFL has kicked around the idea of having 18 game seasons, with 2 preseason games.

It could be the last time for you to see week 4 games, which are utterly meaningless unless you have a relative fighting for a spot on a roster.

Or maybe if you just love the sport.