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Way-Too-Early 2016 Gambling Odds for the Baltimore Ravens

Any easy money to be had?

Las Vegas bookmakers have released their early odds for the 2016 NFL Season...

2016 Regular Season Wins:

The Baltimore Ravens total is set at 8 wins.  A wager can be made on either over or under 8 wins.  A winning wager will pay out the amount wagered, minus a 15% vigorish to the casino.  99% of wagers made so far on the Ravens regular season win to total have been made on over eight wins.

Odds to Win the AFC North:

The Baltimore Ravens are currently listed at 14-5 to win the division.  So for every $1 wagered, Las Vegas will pay out $2.80 if the Ravens win the North.  The Pittsburgh Steelers are currently the favorites at 7-5 closely followed by the Cincinnati Bengals at 17.5-10 and the Cleveland Browns bring up the rear at 35-1.

Odds to Win the AFC:

The Baltimore Ravens are offered at 18-1 to represent the AFC in Super Bowl LI.  These odds are middle of the pack in the AFC.  New England, Pittsburgh and Denver are the three favorites.  The Ravens are also behind Kansas City, Indianapolis and Cincinnati.  Oakland is listed at the same 18-1 odds as the Ravens.

Odds to win the Super Bowl:

The Baltimore Ravens are 30-1 to win the next Super Bowl, which will be played at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.  Seattle, New England and Pittsburgh are the three favorites to host the Lombardi trophy with 8-1 odds, followed by Green Bay and Arizona at 10-1.  Cleveland has the worst odds at 200-1 to win the Super Bowl, more than three times as much as the 31st ranked San Francisco 49ers at 60-1.

The underdog role suits the Ravens franchise perfectly