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Eric DeCosta: more pressure on Baltimore Ravens front office picking 36th over 6th

Second round worries

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The talk of the town has obviously been catered to the Ravens highest draft pick selection (6th overall) since 2000. Clearly fans and analysts want to discuss such a big pick for a strong franchise.

Eric DeCosta, Assistant General Manager for the Baltimore Ravens isn't quite as worried about 6th, but instead 36th.

"I'm actually feeling probably more pressure at pick 36 than I am at 6," DeCosta spoke during the team's pre-draft news conference on Tuesday. "I feel like if you're picking sixth, you really only have to look at four or five players."

A very true statement, as the Ravens aren't really selecting a player, but instead having the five picks before them select who is left of the litter. Whether it be DeForest Buckner, Joey Bosa, or desperation hopeful Jalen Ramsey the Ravens will soon find out.

At pick 36, the Ravens don't have a more surefire selection, with many teams receiving multiple options, including chaotic trade schemes, it's tough to pinpoint what shall happen. In DeCosta's own words, "There's a lot more volatility. There's a lot more different players you're going to be looking at, a lot more combinations. So, I've been spending a lot more time thinking about 36 actually in the last couple of weeks, because there could be a lot of different players."

Baltimore absolutely needs two straight solid selections that can be starter quality, that way Baltimore can truly live up to Super Bowl hype. With Steve Smith Sr. on the re-booted comeback tour and Terrell Suggs hoping to play on a second Achilles tear, this could be the squad that needs to plays do or die football.