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Rankings the National Football League's divisions

Parity reigns supreme across the NFL landscape. Which divisions are the toughest?

Joe Nicholson - USA TODAY Sports

1.  NFC West

Seattle and Arizona comprise the best one-two punch of any division with well rounded rosters and playmakers on both sides of the ball.  Los Angeles is an emerging team with a tough defensive front and strong rushing attack.  San Francisco is a team in transition looking to rebound under new head coach Chip Kelly.

2.  AFC East

New England is the most consistent franchise in the league behind generational coach Bill Belichick.  The Jets and Bills both have strong rosters centered around their defense.  Miami is hoping new coach Adam Gase can bring the stars on their roster together to form a cohesive team.

3.  AFC North

Pittsburgh can beat anyone with their explosive offense.  The Ravens should rebound with an infusion of talent and better health.  Cincinnati had some losses in free agency but boast a young roster with many players in their prime.  Cleveland brings the division down with the likely least talented roster in the league after heavy departures in free agency.

4.  AFC West

Denver still has the makings of a dominant defense but has a gaping hole at the quarterback position.  Kansas City boasts a strong defense and several bonafide playmakers on offense.  Oakland looks much improved and should challenge for a playoff spot.  San Diego is a franchise in limbo, unlikely to have a very successful season.

5.  NFC South

Carolina pairs a formidable defense with a franchise quarterback.  Atlanta is poised for a breakthrough campaign with multiple playmakers on offense and an improving defense.  Tampa Bay is a team on the rise with some nice pieces to build around.  New Orleans will use their strong home field advantage to avoid an embarrassing season.

6.  NFC North

Minnesota is a young team with an excellent core of developing players ready to go deep in the playoffs.  Green Bay is a well balanced team than may not have enough difference makers to make a serious run.  Chicago is hoping a couple key defensive free agent acquisitions will carry their hopes.  Detroit is heading on a downward trajectory.

7.  NFC East

The Giants made some large free agent investments in an attempt to pair their explosive passing offense with a solid defense.  Washington is a mediocre squad who should be competitive.  Dallas needs a healthy season to rebound.  Philadelphia has undergone a regime change with new head coach Doug Peterson, who may need a year to put their best player in position to succeed.

8.  AFC South

Houston is a solid team who took some chances to improve their offense in free agency.  Jacksonville is a rapidly improving franchise who could make some noise in the near future.  Indianapolis has some top players but needs to find an identity and fill more needs on their roster.  Tennessee gives Cleveland competition for the least talented roster in the league, they need more seasoning to become a legitimate threat.

How do you rank the 8 NFL divisions?