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Baltimore Ravens wide receiver depth chart looks to be powerful, maybe one of the best?

Good stuff for Flacco & Co.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

With 24 days until the NFL Draft it's been hard to find any news besides who's available at 6th overall.

This is a much needed break from those articles, instead highlighting what the Ravens offensive capabilities could amount to next year.

Wide receiver is finally looking to be a strength this season. The depth chart so far:

  1. Steve Smith Sr.
  2. Mike Wallace
  3. Kamar Aiken
  4. Breshad Perriman
  5. Michael Campanaro
  6. Marlon Brown

No longer is this team relying upon Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones to produce against top cornerbacks. Multiple receivers with different talents could gash, slash, and score in these scenarios.

Two streaking receivers with top end speed between Breshad Perriman and Mike Wallace force the opposition to run dual safety coverage, or risk being burned down the field from a high flying Flacco bomb. If either Perriman or Wallace get that extra step Flacco has a real opportunity for success. Wallace already knows how to fight more for the deep ball, rather than Torrey Smith not committing in jump ball situations.

Steve Smith Sr. is off an Achilles tear, and although it's a hard injury for an aged receiver, SSSr. can surely overcome if anybody can. Agent 89 was on pace for the first ever Raven receiver attending the Pro-Bowl.

Kamar Aiken with another NFL year under his belt can absolutely do damage next season. With strong hands and a big body for possession play the Ravens have a player capable of middle-of-the-field catches in tough areas. Kamar had a difficult time in stretches, but with other capable receivers surrounding him could thrive against #2-4 cornerbacks given certain situations.

Michael Campanaro, if HEALTHY, is a clear weapon. Speed, agility, acceleration. This man has it, and will punish teams forgetting about him. The acceleration and agility allowing him to make short routes to punish teams in the slot was clear, and even receiving jet sweeps could score touchdowns.

The Ravens receivers can really impose some damage this season against not only their AFC counterparts, but any NFL squad if it can truly get going to their potential. It will take some work, but Baltimore can absolutely become a powerhouse passing team with great weapons of different varieties .