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ICYMI: ESPN calls Domonique Foxworth worst free agent signing in Ravens history

The Ravens are usually pretty good when it comes to free agency, but one bad signing sticks out.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Ravens have pretty much become synonymous with good offseason management. Contracts, signings, trades, you name it. With General Manager Ozzie Newsome at the helm, the team has been practically infallible when it comes to free agency. Usually smart with their money, the Ravens typically make a few low-key transactions in the NFL's free agency period, often for a veteran that can still make an impact. But among the many good players the team has brought in through free agency, one bad apple sticks out like a sore thumb.

2009's biggest free agent for the Ravens was perhaps their worst of all-time, or so says ESPN's Jamison Hensley. The site's 32 NFL writers recently collaborated and named their team's worst signing. Hensley's job wasn't too hard, as the Ravens just haven't had many bad signings.

The aforementioned free agent would be Domonique Foxworth, the cornerback who signed with Baltimore for $16.5 in guaranteed money over four years. Foxworth was never able to live up to expectations due to an unfortunate knee injury suffered on the very first day of his first training camp with the Ravens. Over the course of the next three seasons, Foxworth was able to deliver a meager four interceptions in just 18 games. Foxworth would retire in 2012 due to his health.

Since then, the Ravens have become quite cautious when dolling out money in free agency, especially when it comes to veteran players. But based on the team's track record, Foxworth looks to be their worst signing for a long time.