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What should we expect from Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco?

Should Ravens fans expect Joe Flacco to immediately be back to normal?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

By all accounts, notably John Harbaugh's and Flacco's himself, the Ravens quarterback's rehab has gone swimmingly. All signs point to him being back for training camp. In a quote related to fox sports, Flacco affirms:

"To be honest with you, I believe [I’m on track for training camp], but it’s not like I’ve been told a timeline or anything like that. I can’t really say one way or another," he said. "I can tell each week that by the end of the week I’m feeling sore and I’m hurting, and by the next Monday I’m feeling better than I did last Monday."

While Flacco will be present on the field for opening day, it is only fair to ask if he will be as effective as the years past. Robert Griffin III was not, and while they are two different type of players, the mental part of recovering from an ACL must not be overlooked.

It will be interesting to watch Flacco in the early weeks of  the season to find out if he as willing to hang in the pocket, take hits, and drive off his left leg, luckily not his plant leg.

It took Tom Brady a full season to truly be back to form. Flacco was never as high volume a thrower therefore meaning it should not be as arduous a struggle for him to come back to form. However, certain throws could be harder to make. His patented 15 yard deep out from the far hash could find itself intercepted a few times early in the season.

Ravens fans should be patient. If Flacco does struggle early they should not be surprised but instead should be patient.