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Not much room left for UDFAs

The Ravens will have to be wise with their selections of undrafted free agents, because they don't have much room.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens take pride in their ability to find undrafted free agents. They've had an undrafted rookie make the roster for 12 straight years. This year, the Ravens will have to choose the very best of the undrafted free agents, to make up for the limited space on the roster.

Before the draft, there was 72 players on the Baltimore Ravens' roster. There are now 83 players on the Baltimore Ravens roster, which means that the Ravens can only sign seven undrafted free agents. Now there are some players that the Ravens could cut in order to make space for some more undrafted free agents, but those cuts will need to come quickly if the Ravens are to stock up on the priority free agents.

The Ravens brought in a big draft haul again in 2016, but it appears that it will come at the expense of the undrafted free agent haul.