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2016 NFL Draft results: Ravens pick OT Alex Lewis in round four

Baltimore is bolstering its offensive line even more.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens have opted to build up their offensive line in this draft. Not only did they draft elite lineman Ronnie Stanley at sixth overall, but they have now built upon that in round four by selecting Alex Lewis with the 130th pick. Lewis is fairly versatile, so it remains to be seen where he will line up, but my money is on Lewis being some sort of replacement for Kelechi Osemele, who packed his bags for Oakland this offseason.

Workout Results:

5.22 3.03 1.82 27 29 1/2 8'4" 4.72 7.94

Scouting Report:



Has some toughness to his game and will meet a physical challenge. Has a clean, balanced set­up in pass protection and keeps his head back and hands punch­-ready. Generally uses well-­timed punch with inside hand coming first. Understands his physical limitations and sets out on defensive ends quickly to counter. Able to generate some play at the tackle spot.


Plodding feet limit him. Slow to step into angle blocks and has issues operating consistently on outside zone plays. Not quick enough to be counted on for reach blocks. Pad level too high to unlock hips for maximum leverage and pop in run game. Needs to get better at sinking hips as bull rush mounts. Play strength is very average and leads to balance issues. Will lunge rather than working feet into position. Punch needs to be more crisp and quick.

Stay tuned as the Ravens are just getting started!

The Ravens have the following selections in day three:

RD 4 (104th overall) - Tavon Young, CB, Temple

RD 4 (107th overall) - Chris Moore, WR, Cincinnati

RD 4 (130th overall) - Alex Lewis, OT, Nebraska

RD 4 (132nd overall)

RD 4 (134th overall)

RD 5 (146th overall)

RD 6 (182nd overall)

RD 6 (209th overall)