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2016 NFL Draft Results: Ravens select DT Willie Henry with 132nd overall pick

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens continue to add resources to its defense over the last two days of the 2016 NFL Draft as the team selected defensive tackle Willie Henry from the Michigan Wolverines.

Here is a scouting report about Henry via


Comes off snap with low pad level and is usually the leverage winner. Has strong base and lands heavy-handed strike with initial punch to jar blockers. Powerful enough to stack and 2­-gap. Plays with good football awareness and senses trap blocks coming. Has a good feel for down ­blocks and double teams, and can brace up to limit their effectiveness.

Well versed in twist game with effective picks and quickness to come off pick and attack the quarterback. Big closing burst to get home when he smells quarterback. Finished season with 6.5 sacks. Surprising upfield burst when allowed to rush from defensive end.


Can be undisciplined pre-­snap with five encroachment penalties this year. Drops head and eyes off the snap and plays with too much waist­-bending upon initial contact. Needs to unlock his juice off the snap to control neutral zone and make more tackles for losses. Cut blocks chop him down with ease. Plays with turned shoulders and narrow base when flowing with run plays which allow blockers to wash him down. Needs a more varied rush attack.

Willie Henry 2015 season stats:

  • 13 games
  • 34 tackles (10 for loss)
  • 6.5 sacks