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NFL Draft 2016: Beatdwon Staff Day Two Reactions to the Baltimore Ravens draft

What is your take on the second day of the draft for the Ravens?

Day Two thoughts.
Day Two thoughts.
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Draft day two is done, here are Baltimore Beatdown staff thoughts:

Michael Sedjro: Much better day. Speed, violence and versatility came to the forefront as the Ravens volstered their front. Correa will prove to be a massive upgrade on Upshaw. Kauausi is already a better pass rusher then Canty. The draft now needs to be rounded out with Cornebacks. Kalan Reed, Jonathan Jones, Tavon Young.

Wola Odeniran: The Ravens drafted two players who could start immediately. What's not to like about that? I'm glad that the Ravens are finally addressing the pass rush more aggressively and hopefully the team is not done in that department. You can never have enough pass rushers.

Chuck Mills: The Ravens filled a need by adding two pass rushers. Day Two was good.

Vasilis Lericos: Trying to be optimistic but I just don't see it. The Ravens needed some immediate impact game changers early on and I don't think they found them due to position, level of competition faced in college or needing to add bulk. The Ravens have played it safe so far and I think the fact they tried to trade up in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd should tell you how they really feel about their draft class. Worried about corner again, it seems their BPA formula does not value CBs like the rest of the NFL does. Several teams with lower draft slots that I would trade drafts with, from a 2016 impact perspective at least. Just my $0.02

Chris "Braven" Brown: Day Two has grown on me. At first I was underwhelmed, especially considering the talent that the two d-liners went against in college. But then I started to see a possible trend: maybe the front office is going for motor and work ethic. Later, in the press conference, Coach Harbaugh literally said that these guys had endless motors. And so did Ozzie. It is a small piece of the Panthers' puzzle: pressure the Q, get more turnovers. I like. Especially Kaufusi, that guy will never quit on a play. Keep in mind how many unsung players the Ravens have developed over the years on the d-line: Za'Darius, Pernell, Paul Kruger. It makes sense.

Nathan Beaucage: "The Ravens played it smart and added two talented edge rushers without expending a top pick. By grabbing a offensive lineman early and exploiting the draft's depth on the defensive line, Baltimore once again proved why they own the draft year after year."

Brian Malan: The game starts and ends in the trenches, as the most successful teams in the league can rush the passer and protect the passer. After securing Flacco's backside, Ozzie nailed two relentless pass rushers who have a ton of versatility. Both guys are non stop players, don't screw around and really love destroying QBs. Correa has as quick a first step as you will find in this draft and has had 2 really quality seasons to end his college career. On paper, he seems undersized to be able to set the edge and bull rush, but the man finds a way every time. You will be able to line him up in a ton of places. Also has been a common 2nd round pick in many mocks, so no one should be surprised by this pick.

Bronson Kaufusi was one of my favorite players in his draft. Insane size and length, great athlete and heavy hands. Even has a full season at OLB, so he knows coverage. He will need to add a little bulk and get better at sniffing out running lanes for RBs. He is another player with a great basketball background, as he was actually a power forward for BYU during his time there.

I give Ozzie a solid B+ for day 2 only because both these guys will need a bit of time to get going, but can really pay off. Also it will be tough to overcome the concerns we have at CB right now, but you can't fill every need in only 3 picks and we've filled two of our biggest ones so far.