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How does the selection of Bronson Kaufusi change the Ravens' depth chart at defensive end?

The Ravens have just added another talented rookie edge rusher. So where does he stack up on the Ravens' roster?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ozzie and company have now added a second talent on the edge in this draft. Bronson Kaufusi looks to be a great fit in the Ravens' base defense, and will definitely play a significant role on the Ravens' defense this season. A stats major at BYU, Kaufusi is prized not only for his intangibles and skills on the field, but also for his maturity, character, and work ethic. But when you're a 24-year-old rookie, it sort of comes with the territory.

So the question remains, where will the Ravens put Kaufusi's football smarts and seniority to work?

At defensive end, it seems as if the Ravens drafted for need, and not for depth. The Ravens currently roster only two players with the distinction of defensive end, with Kaufusi being the third. The rookie will join Lawrence Guy and Brent Urban on the outside. Guy and Urban haven't exactly stood out in Baltimore, so if Kaufusi can show up and play well as a rookie,