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2016 NFL Draft Results: Who is Boise State Star Kamalei Correa? Full Breakdown here

What did the Ravens just receive in Kamalei Correa

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens selected some Mountain West defensive player you have no idea about. Maybe confused on his name pronunciation. The Beatdown has the stats you're looking for:

  • Kamalei was a PFF stud, rocking a positive grade in coverage, run defense, and pass rushing for the 2014 and 2015 season
  • Correa wa ranked 30th in pass rush
  • Statline of 8 sacks, 12 hits, and 16 hurries.
  • Boise State runs a 4-3, but his speed without a doubt allows versatility as an OLB for the Ravens
  • Very high ceiling for Correa, nowhere near his peak

Kamalei has the opportunity to practice and train with Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil. This means his talents can sprout very quickly. Elvis and his speed rush / bull rush tactics combined with the power aspects from Terrell Suggs can train him into a full powered outside linebacker.

PFF on what he does best:

  • Slippery, athletic rusher. Wins with movement over hands and strength. Saw the occasional rip move.
  • Good closing speed, can track down QBs and backs/receivers in space. Looked very impressive athletically when left unblocked and on stunts.
  • Gave backs and tight ends a hard time. Blew up the play several times against Washington when they tried to reach block him with a TE
  • Can convert speed into an effective bull rush. Picked up bull-rush once every 79 rushes, which ranked No. 28 in the class.

PFF also with biggest concerns:

  • Didn't face much power 5 competition, but graded well when he did.
  • Doesn't use his hands much as a rusher relies upon speed/quickness. Will that be enough against more athletic tackles?
  • Even snap split between left and right side, but more productive rushing against college right tackles
  • Can be pushed around in run defense if blockers lock on. he was also much less involved on run plays in 2015 compared to 2014. Last season Correa was the primary tackler on just 19 plays -- tied for 111 of 143 edge players in the class
  • run stop of 4.5% ranked only 114th in the class
Thank you to PFF for the stats, take a look here for their full output: