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Ray Lewis III Accused of 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct

The son of the Ravens legend is currently in police custody after turning himself in.

Ray Lewis III, 20, Charged with 3rd Degree Sexual Conduct.
Ray Lewis III, 20, Charged with 3rd Degree Sexual Conduct.
J. Reuben Long Detention center

Ray Lewis III, the son of Raven Ring of Honor member Ray Lewis, has been arrested and charged with alleged 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct in Conway, South Carolina.

The Sophomore footbsll player at Coastal Carolina is accused of engaging in sexual battery with an 18-year-old female with the knowledge that the victim was incapacitated and/or physically helpless from the use of drugs and/or alcohol.

There are two accusers, both women, who made reports to the Police on Saturday, April 23rd from a hospital in Conway. They were called to the hospital after the women had been there and were being seen.  The warrant only lists one woman.

After gathering the evidence, a warrant was issued for Lewis III, who turned himself in on the 29th and was charged.

This particular crime in South Carolina is considered a felony and is punishable by a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. As of this publishing, neither of the accusers are listed as minors, one being confirmed to be 18 years old.

The case is still active and police are still gathering evidence.

Lewis III is a now cornerback for Coastal Carolina, as he transferred from Miami after his sophomore season. He has now been suspended indefinitely from the team.

Lewis III was credited with 12 tackles for the 2015 season.

Ray Lewis, his father, was not showing signs of being aware of any trouble as late as mid-day on April 29th:

That Lewis III turned himself in does not equate being guilty of the charge. His action is compliant with the law.

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