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Cornerback Jimmy Smith of Baltimore Ravens to have surgery this weekend

Oh just perfect..

Rob Carr/Getty Images

In a surprising turn of events Jimmy Smith is expected to have surgery this weekend.

According to the Baltimore Sun, and later confirmed by CSN, the star Ravens cornerback is having surgery to remove the screws placed in the foot after his Lisfranc fracture.

The surgery being this weekend leaves Jimmy Smith expectations of recovery anywhere from four to six weeks. That puts Jimmy healthy around the start of training camp in mid to late July.

Not great news as Jimmy Smith was excited for a full camp this season, knowing his foot and body was finally in a true healthy mode.

We all saw Jimmy Smith play in 2015 after the surgery when he was not 100%, and Amari Cooper in particular abused him. Later throughout the season though Jimmy become a much better cornerback and proved he was still a star, only needing more time to heal. Hopefully the Ravens don't experience a lack of Jimmy Smith this season, as he is the only sure cornerback on the depth chart.