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Baltimore Beatdown Staff Instant Reactions to Ronnie Stanley

Here are the top-of-head thoughts from the BB Staff about the Ravens 1st round pick.

Was Stanley a good pick?
Was Stanley a good pick?

Wola OdeniranIt is a solid pick. He wasn't my first choice, but he was clearly a better bet late in the stage of the the draft with the issues Laremy Tunsil is dealing with. Aside from that the rest of the draft for the Ravens should be focused on defense.Going forward in the draft, I would like to see the Ravens go after three pass rushers.

Vasilis LericosHated the pick at first (wanted Buckner) but it it growing on me. Stanley follows Ozzie's 'solid double' strategy, fills a big positional need and protects the investment made in Flacco. If the Ravens can still find two impact pass defenders on Day 2, the Stanley selection will look very smart

Brian Malan - I wasn't shocked by the pick, but more so taken back at first given how good some of these defensive players are. I always loved Stanley as a prospect, he is the prototypical franchise LT and has a great head on his shoulders. You have to think that Ozzie and DeCosta are tired of the revolving door that has been LT since Ogden retired (7 different starters) and when you invest so much money in your QB, why not invest more to protect him? In our minds, we won't be picking this high for a very long time, so might as well finally take a guy who can protect our blindside and create some stability at one of the top 5 most important positions in football.

You get an incredible physical specimen who has 3 years of starting experience for a tough nosed program and zero injury or off the field concerns. At worst, we get a reliable starter and don't have to worry about his position for a long time. However, if everything goes right and all signs point to that happening, we have our next ring of honor member.

Chuck MillsAs much as I protested before, I've secretly been coming around on Stanley. I've done my homework, I like the reports I've heard about him as a pass protector, and I definitely like the thought of him starting over James Hurst when Eugene Monroe inevitably gets hurt.

Chris "Braven" Brown - I mean, let's be honest. It was heartbreaking not to get Ramsey, even more when we find out that Dallas was too scared to trade the pick that would have done it. And it is envy-inducing to see all the skill positions that went out there. But I really like Stanley's seen character, he is a stronger run blocker, and I like when Maycock from the NFL Network broadcast said, "Once he locks in on you, it's over." Think of all the teams that predicate on pass pressure. If we can protect Joe, and our guys come all the way back healthwise, we will have a juggernaut of an offense. I think they will play him at LG to start; it's a solid building block. But let's PLEASE get some excitement today with some pass rushers and corners!!

Wait, there's one more....

Michael SedjroSorry I'm late. I'm hungover. Tried to drown my sorrows away. In any case, the question that must be begged is have the Ravens gotten better last night. I doubt it. This is a lateral move. Monroe is a good enough player when he plays. Stanley will likely not be better then him right away but one guarantee is that he'll at least be on the field consistently. I feel just "okay" about this move.

Consider this tweet.

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