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Ravens could get an extra early-2nd rounder

Sarah Ellison has reported that the Titans are a potential trade partner.

The Titans aren't afraid to draft Tackles high.
The Titans aren't afraid to draft Tackles high.
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports Editor/Writer/Reporter Sarah Ellison has scooped a developing story that has the Tennessee Titans as a potential trade partner for the Ravens' first round pick.

Ellison reports in her Ravens Late for Work column that the Ravens could potentially get the #33 spot in this trade, based on the Draft Trade Value Chart developed by former Coach Jimmy Johnson.

The Titans currently hold the #15 spot, and are reportedly looking for a high-end Tackle.

There is plenty of value that the Ravens could get from the #15, #33, and #36 spots, including high-end receivers, strong defensive back prospects, and proven pass rushers.

Baltimore Beatdown will continue to update this story.