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Carson Wentz has not Heard Anything from the Eagles.

The Philadelphia Eagles have not communicated with QB Carson Wentz since they moved up to the second spot in the NFL draft.

Carson Wentz is slightly incredulous.
Carson Wentz is slightly incredulous.

While all draft pundits seem to have penciled in Carson Wentz to be picked by the Philadelphia Eagles in tonight's NFL Draftincluding this very site, the Eagles front office may have forgotten one item:

To tell Wentz himself.

The NDSU Quarterback told Jeff Reynolds of the Sports Exchange that he has not heard a word from the team since they traded up to the number two spot.

When asked about having been contacted, Wentz said, "I have not," with a face that Wentz described as "straight" and showing "moderate amazement."

Admittedly, the NFL does seem to be trumping up the unveiling of the top picks for tonight's prime time draft from Chicago, Illinois. Perhaps they have, for the sake of ratings and excitement, instructed teams to be very tight-lipped about who their pick is going to be.

Yet it does leave the hypothetical door open to a double-reverse with regards to both the Rams and the Eagles' intentions at the #1 and #2 spots. New Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson was an NFL QB, and his style more resembled pocket passer Jared Goff from Cal-Berkeley. Could it be?

Keep it here for the results, tonight.