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Jalen Ramsey wants to play at CB

The high rated safety prospect wants to be a cornerback.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Ramsey is, without a doubt, the best safety prospect in the class. He will definitely be taken in the top six and at one point, he was in conversation to be the first overall pick.

But there's a small complication with the prospect of playing Ramsey at safety. Namely the part where he says that he wants to play cornerback. Multiple draft scouts have reported that they like Ramsey better as a safety. Now this might not be a major problem, as Ramsey won't be the one making the final decision about where he plays in the NFL, the coaches will. If Ramsey wants to play at corner that badly, perhaps the Ravens might play him at corner occasionally like the Cardinals do with Tyrann Mathieu.

The Draft's best safety prospect has come out the day before the draft saying that he wants to be a cornerback. Now this might affect his future as a pro, but I doubt it will.