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2016 NFL Draft Results: RB Ezekiel Elliott to the Dallas Cowboys with the 4th overall pick

Top RB in the draft selected

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the 4th pick in the NFL Draft, RB Ezekiel Elliott has been selected by the Dallas Cowboys. The clear top prospect in offensive weapons, Zeke' has proven his worth on the field. A few landing spots were mentioned; alas the true victor has been Dallas. With a career YPC of 6.7 and 43 touchdowns to his name, expectations are high for the top back in the draft. Even mentions of his name in the same bracket as Adrian Peterson, or Todd Gurley this new rookie has some work to do. Good news, he's running behind the superpower Great Wall of Dallas 2.0!

Ezekiel Elliott's NFL bio:

Elite combination of vision and decisiveness. Instinctive, short strider with instant reaction time. Has a bona fide jump-­cut to elude penetration in the backfield and enough burst to elude chasers when he bounces runs to the outside. Able to change directions with no hesitation or wasted motion and is always headed forward. Has innate feel for developing blocks in space and is excellent at setting his blocks up and accelerating from behind them when the linebacker is trapped. When it's gridlocked inside, finds yards on his own. Rocked up physique but still maintains loose hips for agility. Exceptional balance through contact and takes tacklers for a ride. Has a "come at me, bro!" mentality as a runner. Loves to end runs on his physical terms. Uses lead shoulder as a weapon, but plays with outstanding ball security. Looks to absolutely bludgeon defenders as a lead blocker and is often successful. Able pass catcher who adjusts to throws and can do something with it after the catch.

2016 Ravens Draft Picks:

Rd. 1: 6th overall
Rd. 2: 36th overall
Rd. 3: 70th overall
Rd. 4: 104th overall
Rd. 4: 130th overall
Rd. 4: 132nd overall
Rd. 4: 134th overall
Rd. 5: 182nd overall
Rd. 6: 209th overall