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2016 NFL Draft Results: DB Jalen Ramsey to the Jacksonville Jaguars with the 5th overall pick

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Ramsey is considered not only the best defensive back in the entire 2016 NFL Draft, but possibly the best defensive player in the entire draft. Ramsey is a highly coveted defensive back due to his ability to play strong safety, free safety, cornerback and nickleback as well. Ramsey will find his new home in Jacksonville catered to a new age, and expect his name to be announced sooner rather than later in the pro league with positive mentions for years.

Here is what had to say about Ramsey:

Dominant athlete. Sprinter and champion long jumper for Seminoles track team and hit a 40-inch vertical leap in high school. Prototype frame for a big, press­ cover corner. From press, lands accurate blows with extended arms into the shoulders of receivers. Can redirect and, in some cases, completely road­block a route with his disruptive press strength and tactics. Has experience at safety and as slot corner. Boundary corner in 2015 and quick to crowd outside releases against sideline. Shines in trail coverage. Has athletic ability to slam on brakes from full sprint and shadow comeback routes. Length and closing speed make it difficult to beat him over the top.

2016 Ravens Draft Picks:

Rd. 1: 6th overall
Rd. 2: 36th overall
Rd. 3: 70th overall
Rd. 4: 104th overall
Rd. 4: 130th overall
Rd. 4: 132nd overall
Rd. 4: 134th overall
Rd 6: 182nd overall
Rd. 7: 209th overall