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The Beatdown Takes on's Marvel Mock Draft did a mock draft using Marvel Characters. Did they get the Ravens pick right?

The Marvel SuperPros are even better.
The Marvel SuperPros are even better.

Well, True Believers, EXCELSIOR.

I told you that I would return when posted their Marvel version of an NFL Mock Draft.

After arising from our Civil War Room, I have determined that, yet again, writers have slightly missed the mark at what the Earth 616 Baltimore Ravens would do with Superheroes, registered and unregistered, in their realm of potential draftees.

Sidenote: we have to acknowledge that the only way these men and women made it this far without having been drafted is because they were initially deemed illegal by an initiative set forth by Gen. 'Thunderbolt' Ross . Now freed and cleared, they are fair game to join the League.

That having been said, here is the pick and explanation they put forth for the Ravens:


While I love the kid's vertical, and speed, and ability to dodge oncoming defenders, considering who was on the board at #1, I think the Ravens would go another way. Rather than settling on a wisecracking science nerd (said lovingly), the Ravens would recognize Raven-like traits and bet the farm on another more relevant player:

With the #1 pick in the 2016 Marvel Mock Draft, the Ravens select.....

THAT is a definitive Raven pick. Could you imagine he and Coach Harbaugh hamming it up on the sidelines?

Other notes about the Marvel Mock draft:

  • They have the wrong Falcon in there. The current Falcon is Latino and very new with his powers. Definitely a URFA signing, not a top pick.
  • The FORMER Falcon now carries the Shield as another Captain America. He would be a top 10 pick, no doubt. Talk about flying to make a catch.

  • Black Widow is listed as a LB. Uh, NO! She is not prone to using nor does she even possess brute strength. She would be a slotback, versatile in catching screen passes and fly patterns alike. And she has been known to run a wicked double reverse.
  • Iron Man is not a QB. His entire thing is Defense, right? That's how he made his armor!  I could see him at ILB, shutting down the play before it even happens. Oh, and he is not a higher prospect than Thor, Cap, and Spidey. He is definitely a product of a system.
  • Miles Morales, Spider Man has something called a Venom Zap. It is the ultimate pancake block. He has knocked out otherworldly demons with it. It might get him higher on the board.
Who knows? Perhaps Steve Rogers shows up tonight in Chicago. After all, we used to have Superman playing for the Ravens. For real.