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Baltimore Ravens looking at Noah Spence... In Round 2 of NFL Draft


Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

The draft buzz has not slowed being only days away from the NFL Draft. The most recent rumor being Baltimore interested in the Eastern Kentucky talent Noah Spence. They are not picking him with the #6 overall, but hoping instead Noah to be available with the 36th overall pick. From Matt Miller, lead NFL Draft Writer, a Ravens positions coach says [Noah] would be the pick.

I will trust Ozzie until given many drafts to disagree, and if they take Noah with the 36th pick I'm all for it. I highly doubt that Noah Spence will still be around after the first 31 selections; If Noah is available after the first round a quick pick from Tennessee or Cleveland can easily be seen. Really any of the teams from 31-35 all need pass rush help.

A question worth asking is if the Ravens score Joey Bosa in the first round, do they still take Noah Spence in round 2? We all know Ozzie Newsome's philosophy of Best Player Available, but if you take a big pass rush specialist in the first do you still stick to it in the second? More than likely Noah Spence in the second is BPA, but does BPA beat out need and still a top 3 pick in the specific round? Tough question we may see in the draft.