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What does Ted Cruz think about Joe Flacco as a quarterback?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz stopped by in the state of Maryland recently leading up to today's primary election and he had a talk with WBAL TV in Baltimore about whether or not Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco elite at his position.

Like a politician, Cruz could not give a straight answer. Instead, Cruz left it up to Ravens fans and Flacco's track record to speak on his behalf.

During this time of year, voters want straight answers and Cruz didn't give one. Cruz probably has an answer in his mind, but he wanted to be neutral in his discussion so that he doesn't upset certain voters one way or another. It's a harmless question really. If Cruz was thinking that a direct answer would alter voters opinion about him, he should ignore that.

Besides, anyone who changes their vote based on an opinion about whether or not Flacco is an elite quarterback, shouldn't be voting anyway.