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A look back in history: Brandon Williams report after 2013 NFL Draft pick

Bringing back personal thoughts on the star DT

Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

Back in 2013, before being a part of the Baltimore Beatdown I still was writing about the Baltimore Ravens on a small blog hoping to catch viewers. I took a look back and found the writings, and with it some hit and miss comments.

Brandon Williams: Brandon Williams Highlights and Brandon Williams photo please compare this to our current player of Terrence Cody ... Awkward...
I don't know much of Mr. Williams. He looks big, and his video shows he possesses impressive awareness skills. He finds the ball, and forces his way towards it whether or not pushing shoving spinning or bullrushing he will attack. As a small town school to be drafted by Ozzie, he must be a dominant force every game, every play, and show he is better than the small school he is in. You can't slow down, or be "just good enough", but push it every snap of the ball, practice or game. I like this pick, and the coaches all wanted him in the third, I like it.

-Kyle Barber April 30th, 2013

If you can get through my terrible writing and grammar you'll understand the comment is a huge hit. Brandon dominated in college and now proves his worth weekly.

Of all the players in that draft Brandon Williams was my favorite. I wasn't a fan of the Elam pick; I knew we needed a safety but I didn't think he was worth the 32nd overall. Arthur Brown was an exciting selection, and freshly retired Ray Lewis made this pick very important. We lost our superstar safety and linebacker and drafted replacements back-to-back. But I saw Brandon Williams potential and became thrilled. Good to know the big fella pulled through, unlike Matt and Arthur.