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Is Ezekiel Elliott the reason the Ravens get Ramsey or Tunsil?

The best offensive player in the draft could be the reason the Ravens get Jalen Ramsey.

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

At first glance, there's no doubting the tremendous amounts of talent that Ezekiel Elliott possesses. See some tape, look at his stats, watch him run. He's head and shoulders above the other backs in the class. But then again, it seems as if there's a back like this every year. One that is very good, exemplary even, and warrants a first round selection. Sure, he'll probably become a good back in the NFL, but so many serviceable running backs are selected much later in the draft, making one wonder if spending a high pick on a running back is such a wise decision.

Pro Football Focus certainly doesn't think that way about Ezekiel Elliott. The grading and metrics agency believes that Elliott is one of the most complete running backs in the past decade. In the article, PFF praises Elliott's blocking ability and his intelligence on the field to read his blocks. He has no weaknesses, or so PFF claims.

"Ezekiel Elliott may not be Todd Gurley, but he also may be the best and most complete running back prospect to come out of college since Adrian Peterson. And that will make him very tempting for teams in need of a running back drafting in the first round."

To the Ravens, Elliott is intriguing since he just might be the reason the Ravens get a guy like Jalen Ramsey. Elliott will certainly be a wild card come draft day. With his caliber of talent, it's not impossible to see a team trading up to grab the coveted back. Rumor has it that if Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones had his way, Elliott would be heading to Dallas after their fourth overall pick. If two quarterbacks and a running back were to be selected before Baltimore's pick was due, it'd be a dream scenario.