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The First Round Will Not Sway The Draft's Outcome

The Ravens will come away with a good player regardless.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It is from the second round onwards that the Baltimore Ravens' 2016 will be decided. With the likelihood of Laremy Tunsil, Joey Bosa, DefFrest Buckner and Jalen Ramsey being available, the player coming in will at the very least offer solid production. It is in the later rounds that value is found, and that players drafted in the later rounds will have to defy expectations and contribute right away.

Sterling Shepard, Cyrus Jones, Victor Ochi and Javon Hargreave are players that will all be available after the first round with each of them coming in the second, third and fourth. All four have the potential to be rotated in immediately.

The Ravens cannot afford to have red shirted players as part of their mid round picks if they  expect to get back to contending a year after a 5-11 season. While they do not possess a fifth round pick, they do hold four forth rounders, a sixth round pick and a seven round pick to round it out.

Sixth and seven round options could potentially include James Bradberry, a defensive back from Samford and perhaps a baltimorebeatdown favourite, Matt Judon, a productive small school defensive end.

Options are aplenty as this draft's value lies in its depth and not it's top heaviness. The Ravens must get it right.