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Baltimore Ravens able to double dip on Ohio State products this NFL Draft?

Bosa and Miller a real possibility

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

A superstar quarterback resume, yet will be selected as a wide receiver in the upcoming NFL Draft, Braxton Miller is a player of interest.

Miller went from hot-shot 2X Big Ten MVP to third string quarterback. Missing the 2014 season with a shoulder injury, the athlete changed to becoming a wide-out instead. Braxton also believed he was the "best athlete in college football", and his stats are quite pretty.

Braxton Miller was a top performer in the combine in three measurements:

3 cone drill, 20 yd. shuttle, 60 yd. shuttle

Braxton has clear short burst speed and distance speed. The athleticism is definitely saliva-inducing for scouts and GM's, but the short resume worries everybody.

The Good:

  • True leader of a dominating college football class
  • Standing 6'1" and weighing in at 201 lbs. is perfect for an NFL receiver
  • 26 catches, 341 yards, 3 TD's in first wide receiving season in Division 1 football
  • 42 rushes, 260 yards, 1 TD as a runner. Agility and speed a clear factor of the 6.2 YPC
  • Short acceleration and top end speed to ensure short slants and cuts while also hitting a big 9 route
  • Difficult to hit, elusive back in QB days, and a true weapon with the ball
  • Natural hands. Catching isn't a problem and no real drop issues

The Bad:

  • Has been a receiver for a single season against college corners, this is the pro-league
  • Got by on athleticism rather than technical attacking
  • Needs serious route running work
  • Was used in short routes and deep only. No true intermediate play yet
  • Ball security

Ravens should be taking a chance here and for a good reason:

Braxton Miller is not an immediate product for the NFL. With the opportunity to study without pressure from lack of receiving talent will benefit both player and team. The Ravens have a true receiving depth chart. Between Steve Smith Sr., Kamar Aiken, Wallace, Perriman, and others the team isn't suffering for a starter. Braxton learning routes from SSSr. and pro coaches can develop a real threat in the long run. With the measurables Braxton at pick 70 is a great play. I'm not certain Miller will be available at 70th overall, but I don't see him being taken unless the run on receivers comes quick.