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Cornerback Jimmy Smith excited for the 2016 season

Aww yeah!

Larry French/Getty Images

Last season we were all heartbroken watching Smith give up big plays consistently at the beginning of 2015. Unfortunately nobody besides Jimmy knew he was still dealing with the Lisfranc fracture. Not until the end of the season did Smith talk about it either. But a new page has been turned, and Jimmy is ready.

"It's going to feel great to go into OTAs and all of the camps without having nagging injuries, and being able to go full speed with the team," Smith said. "Obviously I played with it last year -- not the level that I expected myself to -- but I think I'll be better this year."

I'm on board, and have been for years. Jimmy Smith is asked year in and out to cover AJ "Ravenkiller" Green, Antonio Brown, and was asked to cover Josh Gordon before he went up in smoke. The skill to cover these men seems impossible, and yet the Ravens ask week in and out to do that exact amount of work.

Jimmy Smith by this time should be healthy and ready. By midway through the season Smith was in shape and even become a top coverage corner according to PFF rankings.

Smith admits he still does cope with soreness from time to time, but no longer dwells on the pain from earlier, rather he looks forward to crushing the camps this season.