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Trent Richardson's contract with the Baltimore Ravens guarantees no money

Low risk high reward

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

After a loaded backfield to begin with, the Baltimore Ravens took a flier on former 3rd overall pick Trent Richardson. T-Rich went from superhero with Alabama hoisting two National Championships to being regarded as "The worst running-back of all-time". Sheesh...

Ravens fans have been nervous of the signing, worried the money may not be worth the opportunity of the downward spiraling career, but with no single dime of the contract being guaranteed fans are starting to shape up.

It's absolutely going to be a test cracking the Ravens roster as a half-back with the current depth chart:

Justin Forsett
Lorenzo Taliaferro
Javorius Allen
Terrence West
Terrence Magee

All players, including Terrence Magee of the practice squad are of adequate to great talent. The players listed have qualities that are worth a spot. Trent Richardson has all the physical gifts to become a starting running-back, but his vision absolutely collapses the product.

Trent becoming a Raven can easily resurrect his career in my opinion. Justin Forsett isn't lightning quick, or a powerful player that sheds tacklers. Justin Forsett knows where to be, where to go, and what to do. His vision is the reason of success. If Richardson learns from the starter just how to become a true ball-carrier the Ravens may have snagged a starting tailback on a 1 year, $675,000 deal.