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C.J. Mosley is Preparing to Lead Myles Jack, Joey Bosa, or Whomever

The Ravens LB talked about whom he thought could fill the void at inside linebacker, but is focused on more important aspects of teamwork.

Ravens Linebacker and rising team leader C.J. Mosley is, indeed, becoming more vocal in the wee hours of the 2016 season.

He recently said that he wants to be a more vocal leader.

One would think that he followed through with this thought by saying, when asked at a recent Ravens press conference, that he likes UCLA LB Myles Jack as a potential mate in the middle.

"I know [UCLA LB] Myles Jack would be an incredible piece to our defense, [with] the versatility he has," Mosley replied. "That will definitely be an added piece to our puzzle."

Mosley added another name being frequently mentioned in draft conversations: " [Ohio State DE Joey] Bosa, he’ll be a good added piece just being one of those players that can rush off the edge [and] set the tone on the defensive line coming off the edge."

Listen to his entire (Myles Jack related) answer here:

If read out of context, it would appear that Mosley was campaigning for one player or the next, but in actuality, he was not worried about it.

"I have enough faith upstairs, so I don’t have to really worry about that."

Whether he was talking about the Man upstairs, or the men upstairs at Ravens HQ, Mosley appeared relaxed and focused in the right direction as voluntary training proceeded and the timetable to the draft continues to down-tick.

In fact, that aforementioned vocal leadership piece elicited more of a response from the former Pro Bowl LB. "...You can always be a leader by example. But when you feel like it’s: ‘OK, somebody needs to say something,’ that’s when you have to be like: ‘Alright, it’s my time to do that.’ Or just something in general, whether it’s just talking to somebody on the side or [if I] see somebody struggling and just talking to him, keeping his head up."

Instead of pining for specific additions, Mosley is focused on leading whomever it is.

"[It’s about] being a leader any kind of way you can."

Sound familiar?