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What Do You Think of This Color Rush Idea?

Vote on the Old Gold.

In the midst of the Nike Color Rush supposed leakage, where people all over the country are pining to determine if the leak was real or not, an idea has cropped up.

What would you think, if the Ravens had a full Color Rush uniform of their 1st true alternate color, Old Gold?

It would look like this well-crafted photoshop of a pic:

Last season, the Ravens wore a Purple/Old Gold combination that got lambasted by fans in general. But the Old Gold is very much a part of team lore, an underused part, and should not be banished because of one failed attempt, should it?

Personally, I liked the gold pants.

Suppose that the Color Rush leak is not legit. Would you want to see the Gold-on-Gold combo? Let your voice be heard in the simple poll below.