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Flashback 14 years ago, Ed Reed draft pick "without pizazz"

Not all analysis is correct

Al Bello/Getty Images

After reading over an article over a decade ago, I decided this footnote in history is worth a share. An article about the Baltimore Ravens and draft analysis, coming with mistakes. Nobody is perfect, and draft analysis is a crapshoot. But that doesn't make past words less enjoyable.

The article is one day shy from being 14 years old, and the title reads: "Let's face it: Reed is a pick without pizazz"

Such a strange thing to read now, but back then, it may have made sense. The pleasure of hindsight.

Other quotes from the article:

"But no one was jumping up and down at the team's Owings Mills complex when Reed's name was called. It was like Reed had just been drafted into the Army instead of the National Football League."
"But there was no magic yesterday, just Ed Reed"

Ed Reed went on to become the greatest safety in NFL history, and the pick come draft day was 'just Ed Reed, the stockbroker name'.

This is to show readers it is difficult to determine how college football players can transfer into the National Football League and produce. Players can look unstoppable in college and not put together the speed, scheme, and style of a professional playbook. They can also continue the domination from college to the pro league. Names that come to me immediately that prove both accounts: Michael Vick, Reggie Bush, Adrian Peterson, Randy Moss. These are name that both panned out prolifically, and also fizzled in the league. It's hard to judge.

Nonetheless, a very laughable article now, a pleasure to enjoy over a decade later.